Veil Assassins spawn at fixed locations during specific levels and are never encountered in town hub random spawn waves. They almost always spawn already cloaked, and will charge directly towards the player when alerted and taunt (issuing comments or soft laughter) if they lose sight of the player. They can only attack at melee distance; while the first appears to attack BJ with a projectile, this scripted "scratch" is just to unnerve the player. They are extremely fast, have substantial health, far more than a Scribe, and can kill the player with 2-3 successful attacks. They are also almost entirely invisible unless the player is in the Veil.They will charge at the player and at a short distance will lunge and swing their blades several times; they cannot stop this attack once they have started it, and if the player dodges they will spend a short time swinging their blades at thin air. If damaged with a bullet-firing weapon they may attempt to avoid death by teleporting a short distance away from the player. They will not teleport to avoid beam weapons, and cannot teleport away from melee attacks or the Tesla Gun. The most effective weapons against a Veil Assassin are the three continuous-beam weapons; the Tesla gun, Flammenwerfer and Particle cannon. Of these the Tesla Gun is most effective as it does not require precise aim and will stunlock the Assassin until either it dies or the player runs out of Tesla ammo. Mire is the most effective Veil power as it renders them visible and nullifies their great speed, and with the Shearing Crystal can be used to kill nearby Assassins instantly. Shield is not useful as it does not offer any meaningful protection against melee attacks and the Assassin has no projectiles for the Reflective Crystal to reflect, though the Reactive Crystal will still function. Empower simply makes killing the Assassin faster, and is only necessary if the player is low on health or out of ammo for good weapons They are one of the few enemies the Kar 98's bayonet is not effective against, requiring 2-4 strikes rather than the usual instant kill. However, it is still readily possible (though slightly risky) to bayonet a Mired Assassin since they have a long timeout after their lunging attack. Facing an Assassin is best done with the player's back to a wall; late in the game Assassins will start to appear in pairs, and it is vital not to let one sneak up while dealing with the other. Standing in a 90-degree corner or at the end of a corridor will force the Assassin to approach within the player's line of sight. See: Wolfenstein (2009)