Temperantia has a wide range of powers. Due to his mechanical nature, each of his fingers can fire bullets, which he would do while holding the rubble Bayonetta is on, and due to the flexibility of each finger, he can hold the rubble and fire at Bayonetta with only on hand, which came in handy after his first arm was torn off. As a security feature, each hemisphere can project and fire projectiles at attackers, which can be done even when the nerve within them has been destroyed, something the main one that Temperantia's face hides in can also do. He can also extend his face out of his armor to attack enemies on his body with lasers. He can also fly, but the process as to how was never explained. He has natural powers of the wind.His clone Temperance has all the same abilities, but with some variations, like firing from all fingers at the same time and a longer range laser attack. He supposedly lacks the shielding capabilities because he has no hemispheres. It is unknown if he has the power to control the wind. See: Bayonetta