Samurai Wasps are the main enemies in the Oriental Grove stage of Alice: Madness Returns. They are cruel, vindictive wasps who have mastered the art of the Katana and will seek to kill Alice and the Ants.The wasps themselves aren't particularly hard to defeat, but they are challenging in numbers and are one of the fastest enemies that can dodge attacks. To bypass these obstacles, the Clockwork Bomb can be used to distract the Samurai easily. At a distance, the Teapot Cannon can kill them fairly easily. Another way to kill these Oriental Terrorists is to explode the bomb before its time expires. This leaves them dazed, which Alice can use to lay heavy blows from the Hobby Horse. This breaks off their main defense, the Oni Mask that conceals their wasp faces, and leaves them much more susceptible to defeat. See: Alice: Madness Returns