Rocket Troopers will generally try to circle a fixed, medium distance from the player. They will often perform a short backflip before firing, and attack by firing four rockets at once in a straight line which circle each other; they will usually fire several times in a row. Their rockets deal large amounts of damage, and they are best attacked from an area where the player has some cover to avoid return fire.They have 50 health points, and it is thus a good idea to use Empower when facing them. The most effective weapons against them are the MP 43 and Particle cannon, the latter especially when it has the Flux Arc upgrade as it need only be pointed in their general direction. The Panzerschreck can be useful if the player has the Seeker Crystal upgrade, though this is not practical for most of the campaign as the player must complete Airfield to unlock it, by which time there are hardly any Rocket Troopers left to use it on. See: Wolfenstein (2009)