Menacing Ruins are a type of enemy in Alice: Madness Returns . They are unnatural abominations, made by the Dollmaker to destroy Wonderland. They have three doll faces, two arms that protect these faces, and nozzles with bits of other train debris sticking out from the tops of their beings. Large, misshapen, and aggressive; Menacing Ruins have an array of attacks that make them a threat at any range.Initially, a Menacing Ruin seems to favor ranged attacks; it will cover its three faces with its doll arms and throw up to three fireballs which seem to be taken from within itself. The fireballs are badly telegraphed and can be easily deflected with the Umbrella. This is an essential in combat against the monster, as it will usually break off its porcelain arms, which leaves its three doll heads completely vulnerable to attack. The Menacing Ruin also boasts a number of powerful physical moves, which usually occur if its initial volley of fireballs fails, or if its doll arms are broken. Apart from a basic swipe of its bulky slime arm, it can perform a charge attack with decent range and speed. In addition it can smash its fist into the ground, which creates a line of explosions in whatever direction it is facing. Once its protective arms are destroyed, the cluster of doll heads on its chest are the main target. They can be attacked with any weapon, but ranged attacks are preferable-especially if other enemies are present. If attacked by the Pepper Grinder, the Menacing Ruin can absorb the shots with its slime arm and throw it back at Alice, but this attack is easily dodged or deflected. Using the Teapot Cannon can easily break off the first two heads, however, the last one may require a few more hits. The Hobby Horse is the preferable weapon at this time. A risky, but potentially swift tactic is to break its protective arms with the umbrella, then rush to its exposed faces and slash them continuously, using the butterfly warp to avoid its punches and fireballs. It'll die very quickly if done correctly, but this tactic should be used with caution due to the heavy damage its melee attacks can deal. See: Alice: Madness Returns