The Keiler is heard before it is seen, as soon as the player exits the sewers which lead to the Cannery. Routinely, a countdown will be heard followed by a massive explosion.The vehicle itself is found under construction in a large hangar, the hull raised on a jack the player can operate to kill soldiers underneath it, while other parts including the veil power plant and the engine can be found scattered around the room. This room has a large shield door which is lowered by a switch, and accesses the firing range. As soon as the player approaches the range a shot from the Keiler's turret, mounted on a railway carriage at the other end of the firing range, will destroy an inert Tiger tank; the gun will then track the player. The player's task is to approach the turret using the concrete barriers as cover from the Veil-powered main gun, with using Mire the best way to survive this; Shield is ineffective. The turret can turn almost ninety degrees to either side, but will cease fire once the player is out of its tracking radius. Once the player has dealt with the enemies in the gun's control booth, they are able to take control of the Keiler turret using the control panel. A large number of Nazi soldiers will spawn from the hangar door, and the player has infinite ammunition to attack them with; this section appears to be designed to teach the player how the Leichenfaust 44 they will acquire later will handle. After all the soldiers are dead the player is obliged to destroy the tank gun itself, which is rigged to two coils on each wall of the firing range; these flash with electricity when it fires, and glow red in the Veil. Once all four are destroyed, the Keiler gun is disabled. See: Wolfenstein (2009)