She has the same abilities as Bayonetta, although she has more experience at using them, despite having been repeatedly beaten by Bayonetta in combat (this is because Jeanne was testing Bayonetta instead of trying to beat her until she reached Isla del Sol ). She is signed into a pact with a moth-like demoness known as Madama Styx, her fists and feet appearing through Jeanne's Wicked Weaves. In The Broken Sky Jeanne displayed telekinesis when she directed one of her bullets towards Bayonetta; when she did this her eyes turned red.Jeanne arsenal is vastly similar to Bayonetta's in terms of function, but they differ in what they are named, their color scheme, and the demons Rodin conjured and sealed within the weapons. Like Bayonetta, Jeanne can master a weapon once it is in her possession and has masterful skill in the bullet arts.