Inspired appear throughout the game as minibosses. They move quickly across the screen, making it difficult to hit them. Enough damage while mobile will stun one long enough to finish it off. In the Inspired Counter, Bayonetta jumps on the angels head and summons Madama Butterfly who repeatly punches and stomps the angel until it sends it into the air and Bayonetta plumets it to the ground. In the Inspired Climax Bayonetta begins to summon the demon crow Malphas, however the Inspired regains conciousness and tries to devour her; thankfully Malphas arives in the nick of time to rescue its summoner. As the Inspired is helplessly wiggling in Malphas talons, Malphas then bites down on the Inspired's neck and begins to pull until the head is ripped off and then it begins to gulp it down throat first then flies off into the Inferno.

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