Gracious and Glorious use the same attacks and tactics as Grace and Glory, and like them, almost always appear together, though a bit more infrequently than Grace and Glory. They deal significantly more damage than Grace and Glory, are much more durable, and are more agile. To further seperate them from Grace and Glory dodges and Bats Within used to avoid their attacks will not activate Witch Time under any circumstance.Gracious and Glorious are essentially the same as Grace and Glory, but are much tougher. They deal more damage and can take more of it, and are slightly faster. For one, they only appear in Paradiso in normal mode, akin to their description. Another difference is that their attacks cannot be used to activate Witch Time normally, regardless of difficulty, making them a much more challenging enemy to face. (using a Counter with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa will activate Witch Time as normal, however) Another factor that contributes to this is that their Vise torture attack does only around half of the damage it would normally do on Grace and Glory. See: Bayonetta