As the last of the Lumen Sages and the Right Eye of Jubileus, Balder is incredibly powerful. Using only a tiny fraction of his power, Balder was able to telekinetically fling Luka out of a window (breaking several walls in the process) and to stop time with his Light Speed technique. He even has the ability to revert Bayonetta back to her normal mode when she goes "serious".During combat, he shows more of his abilities, including being able to fly, create a variety of energy attacks such as a swordlike weapon of light from his hand, summon balls of energy that arch around him which can be thrown simultaneously at enemies, and is also able to use high-level telekinesis, evidenced by when he rips buildings out of the ground. He also commands a satellite-based particle beam weapon orbiting the planet that produces a concentrated blast of energy to shoot down unsuspecting targets. He commands the satellite using the power of his mind. He is capable of destroying more than one of Bayonetta's Infernal Demons and using the dead demon to fully replenish his vitality. Similar to Bayonetta, Balder chants when using several attacks, such as when summoning bursts of lava and sending meteors crashing on the platform. His endurance is impressive, as he appears almost unfazed when a building is thrown at him. Lastly, he is able to create angelic barriers to protect himself from bullets.It can be argued that even with such a display of power against Bayonetta, Father Balder was still holding back his power. After all, he needed her to awaken the Left Eye of the World, and she would be of no use to him dead. However, Bayonetta was also holding back, considering the fact that she did not go back into serious mode after Balder forced her out. See: Bayonetta