The Eyepot is an enemy in Alice: Madness Returns. It is mostly seen in the Hatter's Domain, but it also appears in some Radula Rooms later on.The Eyepot is a teapot-like creature that runs on three spider-like "legs" and has a red, cat-like eye in the center of its metal body. It mainly attacks by rearing up on one leg and slamming its sharp legs down on Alice, but it can also launch blobs of blistering hot tea for a ranged attack. The former attack is quite fast, but the latter is preceded by a whistling noise as the Eyepot gathers its strength, giving Alice warning to evade. Its body is too durable for Alice to hurt, but its eye is vulnerable to her attacks. Firing the Pepper Grinder will knock it down, which is the perfect opportunity to attack it with the Vorpal Blade. See: Alice: Madness Returns