The Executioner is an enemy in Alice: Madness Returns. He is seen throughout Queensland. He takes on the appearance of an extremely large humanoid made of several different Card Guard parts, each piece of his sewn-together body showing a symbol of a certain suit of a card deck. The top of his head is masked by a large horned hat, and several of the Queen's tentacles are wrapped around the top of his body, even going through his eye sockets. The presence of what looks like a jester's hat and all Card colors may imply that Executioner is a Joker Card (hence its special abilities), but it's not officially stated anywhere.The Cheshire Cat tells Alice that while the Executioner normally stays inside the Queen's castle, Alice is special, so he will leave the castle to chase after her. (He apparently also attacked the White King, who first warns Alice of the Executioner's existence.) He chases Alice throughout the kingdom with his scythe multiple times, twirling it around in an attempt at Alice's life. He can call Card Guards to aid him in his fights.The Executioner is completely invulnerable and the only means of keeping him at bay in order to move forward into more areas of the kingdom is to use his large scythe against his allies, as they are just as vulnerable to this attack as Alice.Eventually, the Executioner meets his end in the ruins of the Majestic Maze, when Alice finds a table with a cake resting on it. She takes a bite and grows to a tremendous size. With the tables thoroughly turned, the patchwork monstrosity has only enough time to gape and drop his scythe in dismay before Alice squashes him under her foot. See: Alice: Madness Returns