Drifting Ruin are floating, jellyfish-like organisms made of black sludge and doll parts. They are not natural inhabitants of Wonderland, but twisted creations of the Dollmaker. Drifting Ruin lazily float through the air until they detect Alice, after which they will periodically attack with two small blobs of energy. The attack deals a lot of damage on contact and creates crystal spikes if it misses its target.Thankfully, a Drifting Ruin is easily taken care of. Its weak-spot is the doll's head on its underside, which it will briefly display before attacking. Repeated Pepper Grinder shots will cause it to fall to the ground, carrying on as though it was a lost infant-at which point, it is completely vulnerable to any of Alice's weapons. Alternately, the Teapot Cannon can kill it in one shot; since Drifting Ruin tend to hold their position when showing their faces, this is an easy way to defeat it quickly. Upon death, Drifting Ruin will pop like a balloon. In addition, when it shoots its blobs, Alice can reflect the attack with her Umbrella. If the reflected projectiles hit a Drifting Ruin, the creature will immediately fall to the ground, open for a beating. See: Alice: Madness Returns