.The Drache Trooper has a short-ranged weapon and a powerful melee attack. Like Heavy Troopers, Drache Troopers will simply move towards the player and will not try to take cover or evade grenades; they are faster then Heavy Troopers, will usually spawn far closer to the player, and the range of their flamethrower is deceptively long. The Veil Power Shield does not protect BJ from their attacks, and the Reflective Crystal upgrade cannot reflect the flames. They are also somewhat tough with 200 health points. Drache Troopers are immune to the Flammenwerfer and take minimal damage from frontal attacks; their weak point is the bright red fuel tank on their back, which will kill them instantly if it is destroyed and has minimal hitpoints. Seemingly the player is supposed to aim above their shoulders to hit the fuel tank or use Mire and strafe around them to hit their back. However, the ability Empower makes shots pass straight through the Drache Trooper's body and hit the fuel tank; with this ability a handful of shots from the MP 43 will kill the Drache Trooper from the front. If this trick is used it is very rare that a Drache Trooper will live long enough to even deal damage to the player. See: Wolfenstein (2009)