When Alice meets the Dollmaker, she quickly sees that it's Dr. Bumby, who she has come to recognize as the murderer of her family. Bumby, as the Dollmaker, is destroying whatever is left of Alice's mind, thus in turn destroying Wonderland, as well as tormenting the other children who are as insane as she is and turning them into submissive "dolls." The Dollmaker claims he's performing a service (Just as Bumby does at Moorgate Station, where he explains to Alice that he believes that he is doing a favor for the public by selling children as sex slaves) and remarks that Alice could've forgotten and been 'cured'. Alice declares that she shall stop the train if it's the last thing she does, and the Dollmaker claims, 'It will be'. He grabs her, and turns her into a doll, claiming, 'You're lost and where your body is your mind will follow. Perhaps it's already there.' He drops Alice into the train making her join the other children he turned into dolls. However, Alice gets one last burst of inner strength and her mental projection transforms back from a doll to her human form in the Classic dress, allowing her to make her way to the locomotive's engine room, where the Dollmaker serves as the driver of the train. During the final showdown at the head of the train, the Dollmaker taunts Alice and tries to stop her from succeeding in defeating him. His form had become even more twisted, with a snakelike body comprised of Ruin, disembodied and mutilated hands held to his body with strings and a disgusting tongue comprised of Ruin and doll heads. He uses his hands to taunt Alice, by making his hands perform gestures he pictures children doing. His attacks mainly consist of trying to grab and crush Alice with his hands and fingers, as well as summoning lesser forms of Ruin to distract her. It's only when she defeats the Dollmaker that his evil influence toward Alice, Wonderland and other innocent people has been diminished for good and Wonderland is restored once more. Simultaneously in the real world, Alice pushes the real Dr. Bumby in front of an oncoming train killing him. By doing so, she has avenged her family, the underage victims of Bumby's memory erasure, and her own sanity, and made sure that he will never hurt anyone ever again. See: Alice: Madness Returns