Despoiled utilize a powerful melee attack, and will not hesitate to use it. However, their preferred method of attack seems to be lobbing Veil energy at B.J. while running. Their run speed is not as fast as enemies using the Veil, but much faster than B.J's, even if he is in the Veil. Dodging the Veil energy while shooting at the Despoiled is an effective maneuver, as long as distance is kept, to prevent his strong melee attacks. They have 200 health points.Much later in the game, another type of Despoiled shows up, red glowing rather than the usual green. They throw red energy, which goes through the ground rather than flying directly at B.J. and is bigger than the energy that their green cousins throw. Other than that, they have MP43s that they barely use. They will usually charge in your face hitting you with the weapon, unlike the green ones, the red ones seem to use melee attacks more than the green ones. They are also stronger than the green ones. A good counter to the Red Despoiled is the Leichenfaust 44 with Empower ability which will make short work of it. An interesting thing to note - if a Despoiled suffers more than 20 damage from other Nazi units it will get angry and attack them. See Wolfenstein (2009)