Daimyo Wasps are a powerful enemy type encountered in Alice: Madness Returns. Advanced versions of the Samurai Wasps, they wear elaborate armor and wield long naginatas to assault anything they consider a threat. Alice theorizes that they may command the other wasps due to greater skill and ruthlessness; a theory supported by the large number of Samurai Wasps that reinforce most Daimyos.When Alice is close by, the Daimyo will take a basic swipe with its weapon.Nearby or at a distance, the Daimyo will start yelling and hovering in the air. After a couple seconds, it will smash its weapon into the ground, damaging anyone in a small radius around it. The attack also sends a wave of damaging energy in Alice's direction.While charging (and yelling) its overhead smash attack, the Daimyo is vulnerable to the Pepper Grinder - it will interrupt the attack and leave the Daimyo dazed.Hitting it after its slam attack with the Hobby Horse or a Clockwork Bomb will leave the Daimyo Wasp stunned and open for attack. See: Alice: Madness Returns