Bitch Babies are enemies seen in Alice: Madness Returns in the Dollhouse world. They are the heads of dolls that have spinning limbs acting as a propeller.The Bitch Baby has two attacks: Charging and Vomit. Their charge maneuver, though powerful, leaves them dizzy and vulnerable to attack. Their Vomit attack lets them spit out a ball of gastric acid at Alice. Using the Umbrella can easily kill the Bitch Baby. It's a good idea to keep a distance when the baby is defeated as it spirals out of control and throws itself into the ground, where Alice can be injured by the broken porcelain and more acid. On terms of ranged weapons, the Pepper Grinder might not be the best method for killing a Bitch Baby, as it will commonly dodge the gunfire and proceed to attack. The Teapot Cannon is a much better method as it can kill the baby with one hit and most of the time the Bitch Baby won't even bother dodging the attack. 

See: Alice: Madness Returns