The Armored Card Guard is a new variant of Card Guard seen only in Alice: Madness Returns. Unlike its defenseless cousins, the now savage Card Guards, the Armored Card Guard is covered with chainmail armor and it carries a poleaxe with the blade in the shape of a heart. The armor grants it near-invulnerability to all forms of attack, and the poleaxe does a great deal of damage. However, when it swings its weapon, it will get stuck, leaving a heart-shaped weak spot on its back open for attack. It is recommended to strike once then dodge before returning to attack, as after being hit once the Armored Card Guard will free its weapon for another swing. If you hit its weak spot with a blast from the Teapot Cannon, it will be stunned, leaving it extremely vulnerable to attack from behind. Though powerful, the Armored Card Guard is slow, thanks to both its poleaxe and its armor.

See: Alice: Madness Returns