Applauds are similar to Affinities, but larger, stronger, and much more durable. Their increased size gives them much farther reach than Affinities and by extension are more dangerous.Applaud A: The more powerful of the two Applaud types. It carries a segmented weapon that can work as a bow or a pair of chain-swords. When at range it will attach the two weapons together at their hilts and form a bow, which it will use to shoot golden arrows at Bayonetta. The visual que for this is a bright golden gathering of energy, however the audio cue is much more difficult to notice, being a faint high-pitched ring that is usually drowned out by the sound of battle. When it pulls apart it's bow it will hold the weapons like a pair of swords and will completely change its style of attack and begin to swing its blades in wide slow arcs, charge up and spin-dash across the battlefield to damage Bayonetta directly, or stab its two swords into the ground and unleash a line of impaling spines from the ground. Unlike other enemies Applaud A has a propensity for being passive, and seems to prefer flying while keeping it's distance from Bayonetta. It waits for opportune times to strike, though it is still easily dealt with. Applaud B: Acts much the same as a larger and more durable Affinity A. It carries the same golden staff with a rounded blade at it's top. Like Affinity A it's staff makes an audible ringing as the blade at it's top begins to spin before it attacks. It does however have a few skills unique to it, namely it's ability to spin it's staff quickly to parry incoming bullets and having a similar dash to Applaud B. It can also wield golden keys in combat, when wielding such a weapon it will mimic an Ardor's dash attacks, and generally does much higher damage while also being more aggressive. See: Bayonetta